Herbs and Spices Used in Middle Eastern Cuisines

The spice bazaars of the Middle East with their stunning stacks of spices not only delight our vision but also flavour the fresh and simple food of the Middle East and Turkey. Meals comprise cold and hot mezze, fresh breads, cheese, yogurts, olives, lots of delicious grilled vegetables, succulent kebabs and pilafs delicately spiced and served family-style. So herbs and spices has a key role in middle eastern cuisines.

The spices of this region do overlap slightly with ones used in South Asian/Indian and even Latin American cuisines (cumin and coriander, for example), but most are uniquely splendid in their flavor profile. So before the next time you find yourself tucking into that mezze platter or Adana kebab with friends, you may want to learn more about the wonderful spices that enhance these foods.

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