Olives And Olive Oils In Turkey

Olives are an essential element of Turkish Cuisine. Whether as the star of the breakfast table or the base of olive oil, olives are always appreciated.

Turkey has grown to become one of the top 5 producers of olives and olive oils in the world. This can be attributed in part to the Mediterranean climate and because central Anatolia is rumoured to be the birthplace of the humble olive tree. With deep historical, cultural and manufacturing roots, it makes sense that Turkish cuisine is often built around the humble olive.

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Best regions for olives

In Turkey, olive trees are most prominent in the Aegean and Marmara regions with Ayvalık and parts of Izmir considered to produce the tastiest variations. According to Flos Olei, the world’s first extra-virgin olive oil guide, the top brands for olive oil production in Turkey this year are Oleamea, Zethoveen, Granpa, Kairos Zeytinevi, Menteşe Som Çiftlik, Villa Turqan, Nova Vera, Hızırlar Medikal Gıda and Bata Tarım Farm.

Admittedly, the list of top olive oil producers in Turkey varies from year to year, thus there are other highly esteemed olive oil brands that may not have made this year’s list but are still timeless classics. Kürşat, Selatin, Hiç Reserve, Tlos Olive, Yerlim, Cömert and Laleli are other esteemed brands, with the latter also offering a wide range of infused olive oils with flavors such as bergamot, basil and anaseed, to name just a few. But don’t fret, as the tried and true classic olive oil producers such as Marmarabirlik, Tarış, Komili, Kırlangıç and Yudum are also healthy and delicious affordable options. Many of the olive oils produced by these brands are from the olives handpicked by villagers in Turkey’s Marmara and Aegean regions.

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