Turkish Cologne: The Hero of Pandemi

As commercial hand sanitisers run dry in the US and Europe, people in Turkey are turning to a traditional, aromatic fragrance that has taken on a whole new relevance amid the coronavirus pandemic: kolonya.

In fac it is and old tradition in Turkish lands that has been existed since Ottoaman Empire terms. and it is a symbol of hospitality and health in Turkish culture.

Traditionally, this sweet-scented aroma made with fig blossoms, jasmine, rose or citrus ingredients is sprinkled on guests’ hands as they enter homes, hotels and hospitals; when they finish meals at restaurants; or as they gather for religious services. But unlike other natural scents, this ethanol-based concoction’s high alcohol content can kill more than 80% of germs and act as an effective hand disinfectant.

Kolonya is effective at protecting against coronavirus because when it contains at least 60% alcohol, it breaks down the virus’ hard shell and most kolonya products contain 80% alcohol.

If you want to try this hero againist coronavirus, I can recommend you some;

Stay at home, Stay healthy!